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Download Windows Server 2016 Standard with 2019 April Update

Windows Server 2016 updated April 2019. Windows Server 2016 is the latest generation of Windows operating system for servers that has just been released and replaced with Windows Server 2012 R2. This version of Windows, like Windows 10, has also undergone many changes, and Microsoft hopes to once again succeed in Windows Server 2008 R2. Almost all of the different parts of Windows have been completely rewritten, and problems with earlier versions have been fixed. The design of this version of Windows is designed to maximize performance for administrators and with its unique features it is hoped to top the server operating system.

Key features of Windows Server 2016:

  • Professional startup and management of hosted and virtual servers
  • Improved Active Directory services and added AD FS service
  • Added Windows Server Anti-malware security service
  • Improved Remote Desktop service
  • Extensive changes in how to store and copy data to the Storage Service
  • High availability cluster processing capability and reduced Failover
  • Extensive changes to HTTP and HTTPS
  • Introducing IIS 10 and HTTP / 2 support
  • Introducing Windows PowerShell 5.0
  • Soft Restart capability and reduced boot time
  • Ability to set up high performance nano-servers
  • Removing NAP support in DHCP service
  • Support for IPAMs 31, 32 and 128 Subnets
  • Hyper-V Linux Secure Boot Solution

icon commentOne of the most significant changes immediately after the system startup is the greater synchronization of Microsoft System Center and the removal of the Windows Store and Microsoft Edge; To manage themselves. These tools are categorized into various sections such as Advisor, App Controller, Configuration Manager, Data Protection Manager and more.icon commentNew features introduced in Windows Server 2016 include Active Directory Federation Services, which allows administrators to use the AD FS service to authenticate and grant access to routes outside of Active Directory, such as the LDAP protocol. And named the SQL database.icon commentNew security changes in Windows Server 2016 include a complete rewrite of Windows Defender, hereinafter referred to as Windows Server Anti-malware; it has no user interface (GUI) and is constantly running in the background of the default system And it can be managed from the Windows Features section.icon commentOther services improved in Windows Server 2016 include Remote Desktop Services, which is used to remotely control the server; changes to the service include support for OpenGL 4.4 and OpenCL 1.1, improved service performance and stability. And noted the addition of MultiPoint Services Role.icon commentChanges to the Storage Services include a general change to the QoS policy and the Replica build method, as opposed to earlier versions, instead of precisely copying files , Snapshots are made from different blocks of the disk and returned in specific circumstances.icon commentIn Windows Server 2016, new features have been added to web hosting services, such as HTTP Basic authentication, HTTP to HTTPS redirection, and Client IP publishing to background software; the popular IIS service in general Updated and the most important new feature is HTTP / 2 support.icon commentWindows Server 2016 has also added a new feature called Soft Restart, which bypasses hardware processing to only restart software and significantly increase Windows Boot speed.icon commentOne of the very special features of Windows Server 2016 is the ability to launch Nano Server; the nano-server is the safest, most compact and fastest version of Windows Server designed to disable some of the common Windows Server services. Nano-servers lack a GUI and 32-bit (WoW64) software cannot be installed on them. These servers also have no Windows Installer and do not support Console login and Remote Desktop and can only be managed via WMI, PowerShell and RSMT. It should be noted that nano-servers are 93% smaller in size, 92% less secure, and 80% less restart than regular versions of Windows Server 2016


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