May 30, 2024

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how to find wifi password

How to Find WiFi Password

01) Open the command prompt and run it as administrator.

02) In the next step, we want to know about all the profiles that are stored on our computer. So, type the following command in the cmd:

netsh wlan show profile

03) This command will list out all the WiFi profiles that you have ever connected to.

04) In the above picture, I have intentionally blurred some of my WiFi network names. As you can see, there are eight WiFi networks that I connect to. So, let’s go and find out the password for the WiFi ‘RD With IT’ in this case, which I created intentionally for this article.

05) Type the following command to see the password of any WiFi network:

netsh wlan show profile WiFi-name key=clear
The command will be like:
netsh wlan show profile RD With IT key=clear

06) Under the security settings, in the ‘key content’, you see the WiFi password of that particular network

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