April 19, 2024

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veeam backup & replication 10

Hello all the friends and companions of RDWITHIT website Today, the Swiss company Veeam presented a big update for its very useful product, Backup & Replication, and we will share it with you, according to previous years, after testing it.

In this new version, many changes have been applied and more than 1200 problems reported by users have been fixed. This version will contain all the updates of version 10 and you can get this version from version 9.5 of the third update.

Crack and license of this version will be the same as before. Only friends who want to update must paste the files before the crack and crack again after the update is complete. (Of course, I will also bring the original DLL file in the crack file. I brought)

Note (August 5, 1399): Three 1500 licenses of Availability Suite, Cloud Connect and Backup & Replication were added to the crack file.

The Availability Suite license will also be able to monitor Veeam ONE software.

In addition to the software, the license also stores its own information in its database, which may be the cause of some friends’ problems. Of course, yesterday I checked the remote for my friends who said they had a problem, and unfortunately my friends did not do the crack operation properly.

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